Blizzard Updates World of Warcraft Season of Mastery Transfers Rules

The Changes Come Ahead of Re-Opening Window

by Excellent Guild

Blizzard has made some moves as they prepare for the re-opening window, rolling out an update for World of Warcraft: Season of Mastery transfer rules.

Transfers opened earlier this week, but they had to close because of a bug, but now some new changes to the rules for transfer have been updated.

For example, the free character migration service will now support players moving to any Wrath of the Lich King Classic realm in their region that is of the same ruleset as their source Season of Mastery realm

“Additionally, we’ll soon be removing the restriction from Classic Era realms that prevents players from having both Horde and Alliance characters on the same PvP realm. This should make it easier to consolidate your characters in the same place on Classic Era, should you choose to move your SoM characters there. We know many Classic Era players have gathered on realms such as Whitemane and Mankrik in the Americas or Firemaw and Pyrewood Village in EU, and due to that consolidation, this change seems appropriate.

We’re going to need some more time to configure and test all this, so we are aiming to enable the Season of Mastery transfer service the week of Nov 1 at the earliest. We know that Season of Mastery players have been waiting a long time for this, and we want to get your SoM characters moved over to Wrath Classic or Classic Era as soon as possible, and we also want to make sure that you have satisfactory options for destinations as well.”

When it comes to WOW gaming, including their gaming NFTs, gaming crypto, and content creator NFTs, they are working on new content implementations.

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