Emiru Phones Riot Dev Following Live Stream

Emiru called Riot Games’ Lead Champion Developer on-stream to slam Viego

by Excellent Guild

OTK star, Twitch streamer, and cosplayers Emily ‘Emiru’ Schunk wasn’t handling one of her recent League of Legends Twitch streams too well after having a brutal time dealing with champion Viego, the Ruined King.

Emiru, who is easily one of the more well known female streamers of League of Legends, was so frustrated with how challenging the champion was that she immediately called Riot Games’ Lead Champion Developer during her live stream to complain about Viego.

Viego is the creation of Lead Champion Developer August Browning and has earned a reputation for being one of the most difficult and frustrating champions to face in the game.

“I can’t even move!” Emiru said during her stream. “I’m calling August.”

“So, why did you make it so Viego can kill me from full health!?” Emiru questioned (h/t Dexerto). “I’m stunned the whole time! I was ulted as Jhin and he just walked up and killed me.”

“Well, when I was making Viego I thought ’y’know, one of these days Emily [Emiru] is going to play against him and I want her to have a really bad time,’ so I made him to counter Jhin [a champion that he also designed from the ground up]. That’s it, that’s the story actually.”


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