The Creation Catalyst Arriving Today

Get the Tier Set Pieces That You Need

by Excellent Guild

The Creation Catalyst, a brand new feature, will be making it’s way to World of Warcraft later today, and will provide players with an alternate route to get geared up with just the right set pieces they need.

Any items that you put into the Catalyst will be altered to a corresponding set piece of the same level.

Per details, the Catalyst will utilize the Cosmic Flux currency that is earned from a wide variety of activities in the game, and the costs for the different item slots are as follows:

  • Bracers and Cloaks: 600
  • Belts and Boots: 800
  • Gloves and Shoulders: 1200
  • Chests, Helms, and Legs: 1500

More details can be found here, on the official website of Blizzard.

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